We reimagined Incu’s ecommerce website, photography and online guidelines.


Founded by retail savants Brian and Vincent Wu, Incu is known for their quality threads, and exceptional retail experience with a focus on great customer service. They came to us for a website to match. 

The new site is a custom Shopify template, integrating seamlessly with Incu’s legacy inventory management system. For the first time, Incu could sell and track stock from any of their eight stores, online.

During planning and design phases, we took great care to keep the user’s shopping experience feeling uncluttered, with a focus on the cut, the cloth and an intuitive checkout process. Our goal was to help shoppers shop, balancing the need to browse, with the need to find that exact garment or accessory with minimal clicks.

New photography guidelines were introduced, ensuring a consistent and cost-effective look across on-model shots and flat-lays. 

The project also features:

  • Custom wishlist app
  • Custom checkout
  • Integration with Klaviyo
  • Customisable page builder


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