Drink Ramona

Italian spritz culture, in a can.

We made this 


The design and build for Drink Ramona website is a custom Shopify theme that's all pop and fizz. 

Drink Ramona's custom Shopify Theme is loud and brash, centred around the rich color palette and bold typography synonymous with the brand. 

The project also features:

Full width layout

Community pages with Spotify integrartion

Product customisations

Email templates


Shopify eCommerce
UX and UI
Web Design
Web Development
Integrations with Klaviyo 

Ramona Desktop Home
Ramona Mockup
Ramona Desktop Product Collection


Multiple shop fronts to accommodate both beverage and merchandise sales. 

Ability to create custom discounts and zoned shipping

Shipping integration with Vinoshipper for club members

Stockists list with Google Map integration

Ramona Desktop Community